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James Y Qeqe


Saturday of the thirty-first week in ordinary time. I never thought that my hands would consume more alcohol than my throat in my entire life. …

James Y Qeqe

A Letter to My Faithful Reader

Dear Reader of The New Voice of Africa, After you visited me and my little library last week, I am missing one of my favourite …

James Y Qeqe

Our Women, Our Pride and Our Nation

O! Men of the earth, hear my cry, I plea with you. O! Sons of the soil listen to the cry of our pride. O! …

James Y Qeqe

The Unknown of the Known in Africa

It has been part of my writing experience that I always, after writing and publishing, would think of including something very relevant and mind blowing …

James Y Qeqe

Which One Is Superior A Reflection of Thought!

Racism is first and foremost a misunderstanding of one’s self before it is a misunderstanding of another person. The past is not so far distant, …

James Y Qeqe

My Father

In those days, my father and I, before he got married to my step-mother, we lived together as ‘father and son’. Most people thought that we …

James Y Qeqe

Broken Vessels

In life, there are two things I can never explain. That a man cried for help to my ears and I did not hear, and …

James Y Qeqe

Which Way Africa, Which Way?

What is it that we are doing wrong? Or what is it that we are not doing at all? How can there be so many …

James Y Qeqe

Uniting During Crisis

I cannot think of anything to compare the COVID-19 pandemic but to what is known as the Black Death also known in history as the …

James Yamkela Qeqe, The New Voice of Africa, born in Pretoria and grew up in Alice in the Amathola Region, became an actor at Amamfengu Entertainment. A year later (2013) he became the Head and best actor of the Department of Education. Later he started a theatre in Alice, Idike Lethu Entertainment Theatre Productions, under Mr. Litha Maksi and in the same year he was elected the youngest Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Secretary of Saint Rose of Lima parish of Port Elizabeth Diocese in King William’s Town Deanery. James is also a best IsiXhosa and English Debater. He became the Vice Chairman of the King William’s Town Youth Deanery and the Representative of the Deanery in the Port Elizabeth Diocese, until he was accepted as a student priest in the bridging seminary at Saint Philip Neri Collegium in Port Elizabeth. Late 2018 he was elected the Student Council Secretary (2018-2019) at Saint John Vianney Semenary NPC. James is currently in a Priestly formation.