Nancy Shaffer-Perez


Nancy Shaffer-Perez

I’m Nancy Shaffer-Perez

I’m Nancy Perez. I’m Victoria Hardesty’s co-author of the Wonder Horse series. If you haven’t yet read my writing partner/friends’ entry on how she became a published …

Nancy Shaffer-Perez

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, at least that’s what my Grandparents used to tell me. I have often counted on those showers to give my …

Nancy Perez spent 30 years in advertising designing, creating and editing advertising content. She’s a passionate reader, wrote for herself, and decided it was time to step up into a novel. As Victoria Hardesty’s best friend, she was frequently exposed to the Arabian horse and showing world. Best friends for 50+ years, they teamed up to write a series of books about kids and their Arabian horses.