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Readers and Writers Book Club Helps Busy Readers Discover New Authors,

Explore Different Genres, and Purchase Books For 50% Discount

The Club

Readers and Writers Book Club helps busy readers discover new authors, explore different genres, and purchase books for 50% discount.

Exclusive For Club Members

Free eBooks and 50% discount on all book purchases.

The Club

Your official welcome to the book club and book club information. It's not just anywhere you can make friends with folks who love reading and writing like we do.

Content For Book Club Members

Our authors publish the things you'll LOVE but can't get anywhere else!


The club keeps members updated with club news, literary insights, club calendar of events, The last word, and more.


Members may become better acquainted with authors by listening to their podcasts.

Meet Author Masterminds Member

We believe in making every author approachable, and members are given the means to engage with them directly.

Short Videos About Books

Some call these book trailers; however, these videos are much more-each tells an interesting, something educational story.


A Gift Membership To Readers and Writers Book Club is the Perfect Gift for any Occasion, Season, or Reason!

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Here’s where you can voice your successes, questions, obstacles, sticking points, or whatever is on your mind- and we’ll respond.

Readers and Writers
Book Club

Readers and Writers Book Club, a unique internet location, allows readers to access a wide variety of books and authors. The club is where every reader is a friend, and every author is approachable.