The Matter of the Vanishing Greyhound – Chapter 19

The Matter of the Vanishing Greyhound

Golden Gate Disappearing Greyhound Bus Caper

Steven Levi

Master of the Impossible Crime

Chapter 19

“Where is he now?”

Lt. Wu looked over his shoulder, surveying the room. When he was satisfied no one was looking in his direction, he slid sideways on his desk chair to his computer screen. He booted up to the homing program and punched in a code number. When the computer screen cleared, it was a street map of San Francisco. Wu looked over his shoulder again and then punched in a three-digit number code followed by two letters and then three more numbers. In an instant, the screen showed a light near the corner of Stockton and Powell.

“He’s still in Chinatown,” Wu said into the phone as he hit the off switch on his computer. “Near the corner of Stockton and Powell. I don’t have time to get an exact fix.”

“Wasn’t he there about an hour ago?”

“Yeah. Somewhere near there.”

“What’s he doing? Sightseeing? I thought he was supposed to be looking for us.”

Wu pulled the telephone to the length of its wire and rolled his chair to the empty desk near the back of the room. “Look, John. I don’t know what Noonan is doing and I don’t care. As long as he stays as far away from us as possible until this is all over I could care less. You did lose your tail?”

“Piece of cake. Lost her south of the park.”

“I hope so.”

Steven C. Levi is a sixty-something freelance historian and commercial writer who lives in Anchorage, Alaska, his home for past 40 years. He has a BA in European History and MA in American history from the University of California Davis and San Jose State. He has more than 80 books in print or on Kindle.