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Adventures with Bigfoot Part Four: The Search for Truth

I wasn’t a professional Bigfoot hunter, nevertheless, at nineteen-years-old, I was an adventurer who enjoyed the potentially dangerous experience of a Bigfoot encounter. Every call-out …

Lyle O'Connor

Adventures with Bigfoot Part Three: Bigfoot Was No Help At All

Peter regularly fielded hundreds of Bigfoot questions and interpreted them as a public request for a museum like design for educational purposes. A gallery display …

Lyle O'Connor

Adventures with Bigfoot Part Two: On the Hunt

Excitement built as Spring approached. The International Wildlife Conservation Society (IWCS) under the leadership of Executive Director, Peter Byrne, firmly established his Base Camp in …

Lyle O'Connor

Adventures with Bigfoot Part One: Drawn into the Campaign

In the late 1960s and early 70s, the Pacific Northwest was abuzz with Bigfoot sightings and footprints. The existence of a sizeable, elusive primate surviving …

Lyle O'Connor

Behind the Veil of Accomplishment

“Behind the Veil of Accomplishment” is a story about the rock-bottom foundation of stick-to-itiveness. What if I were to say, you don’t need inspiration, motivation, …

Lyle O'Connor

No Crime Goes Unpunished

The shiv slammed into Ralph Richards ribcage from behind knocking him to his knees. Stunned by the force of the brutal attack, he tried to get …

Lyle O'Connor

An Uninvited Guest

Kyle and my daughter Bethany had been dating for a few months when he began looking at engagement rings. Kyle didn’t know when or where …

Lyle O'Connor

Two Peas in a Pod

Grant and Sherilyn were introduced through a mutual friend at a summer beach party in Monterey, California. The two of them hit it off right …

Retiring in 2008 from State employment I reentered the workforce in the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay. In the frozen wastelands of the Arctic, I found solitude and time to reflect on my chosen profession which provided the basis for my crime writing. In 2013 the fictional vigilante character that carries a trace of my DNA came to life in my first book of the Palatini series, “Due Process.” Since then “Lawless Measures” and “Blood Appeal” have continued the vigilante’s righteous crusade. I’m excited to announce, “Blue Edge,” book four of the series.