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Are You Getting The Right Books To Read?

What Makes Readers and Writers Book Club Unique?

When Publication Consultants and Authors Masterminds created the Readers and Writers Book Club, we had a vision. We wanted to fill a void in the online book world. We set out to create a unique platform: One where talented authors meet our ideal readers; a platform where readers can meet and get to know writers and converse with any author in Author Masterminds.

Our goal didn’t stop with this unique approach. We wanted to create a cozy environment for both readers and writers. How, you might ask?

One of my favorite memories, pre-COVID, is browsing the brick-and-mortar bookstores. I never knew what treasure I would find there. I loved perusing the new releases, my favorite authors, my favorite genres. The result was the same: I walked away with a little-known favorite author and/or a new favorite reference book. Without fail, I ended up at the Bargain Table.

Readers and Writers Book Club is an online extension of the brick-and-mortar store. As a member of the club, readers can find books in various genres–all at a bargain price of 50% off. And, this bargain is permanent. The books offered in the deal are Author Masterminds books and all books published by Publication Consultants. There are hundreds. These books are all in various genres: Mystery, Historical Fiction, Supernatural Thrillers, Political Thrillers . . . and the list goes on and on.

Another reason Readers and Writers Book Club is unique? Our readers can receive personalized, signed copy of any Author Masterminds’ books when purchased. Just ask!

As a member of the Club, any reader can join us on our monthly, worldwide General Membership Meeting, chat with some authors, and give valuable input to enhance the Club’s uniqueness and make is even more engaging.

I encourage everyone who loves books to join us on Readers and Writers Book Club. Ig a member participate, the adventure of getting to know the person behind the books will be ongoing.

~ Valerie Winans
Dog’s Best Friend
Author Masterminds Member

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