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August has arrived, and with it comes an enchanting whirlwind of literary celebrations here at Readers and Writers Book Club!

First and foremost, we’re overjoyed to announce the launch of Battle of the Books. Witness our brilliant authors engage in thrilling showdowns, as they read captivating excerpts from their masterpieces.

In August, we’re bringing you an array of new book releases that will transport you to distant worlds and inspire your imagination. Get ready to embark on captivating journeys that will linger in your hearts long after the last page is turned.

Moreover, we have exciting news for our members. We are opening our newsletter for your valuable contributions! Share your writings, musings, and poems with our vibrant community. Details will be unveiled further in this newsletter, so stay tuned!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of you for your unwavering support and enthusiastic participation in our July events. Your dedication to the book club is the driving force behind its success and growth.

Thank you all for being part of our remarkable journey.

Exciting Delights for August

Battle of the Books is still raging, and the throne of winners awaits you! Don’t miss your chance to claim victory in this gripping literary showdown. Keep an eye out for announcements on our social media and email, and join each week’s battle for a shot at amazing prizes! Stay tuned and let the battle commence! Have fun!!

A fantastic news for you! Due to overwhelming response and to ensure everyone gets a chance to enjoy the captivating story Under Confusion, we’ve decided to extend the free download period for 2 more weeks!

You now have more time to claim your complimentary copy of the eBook until August 15! Click HERE to grab your copy now.


Kathy Collier
$100 Gift Certificate

Beverly Petersen
Book Club Subscription

Phillpotts Jean
Autographed Book

Congratulations to our WEEK 3 WINNERS! Watch out for our email on how to claim your prizes.

Robin Barefield’s Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier was selected as a finalist for the Silver Falchion Award in the True Crime category.

Congratulations and Best of Luck, Robin!!


Are you searching for a place to discuss your favorite books, connect with fellow fans, and even chat with authors themselves? The solution is right here! Readers and Writers Book Club has made a name for itself as the go-to online spot for all book enthusiasts, and our monthly meetings are the highlight! 

These monthly gatherings are where the magic happens. We dive deep into discussions, authors share exclusive insights, and we all get to bond over our shared love for books. Plus, chatting directly with some of your favorite authors and getting to know them better, only available in our club, makes our meetings a must-attend event!

The next big meeting is coming up soon, and it’s something you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars for August 29, 2023. This worldwide online meeting will be live on Facebook for everyone to participate! Can’t make it live? No problem—we’re recording the event, so you won’t miss out on the fun.

Readers and Writers Book Club is not just about good books—it’s about the community of readers and writers gathering monthly. It’s about anticipating every meeting and the discussions that follow.

Why wait? Be part of our upcoming meeting this month and join our thriving community. Experience why Readers and Writers Book Club is quickly becoming the online destination for those who love good books. 

We’re eagerly waiting to welcome you at our next meeting! Until then, happy reading and writing!

Fresh Literary Arrivals

I am documenting my journey, an inspired poem at a time, from baby steps to a wondrous understanding of the precepts of my salvation. I truly pray that the poetry will guide your understanding of God’s grace and promise of eternal salvation. The miracle of knowing that this journey is with your family for all time brings joy beyond description. The poems are not scripture but a documentation of the truth surrounding my soul with grace and love. Using my poetry as path by following my footsteps will help you to your salvation. My environmental work has spanned the globe and has saved and enhanced many thousand of lives, which uniquely prepared me to convey my journey in a way for you to understand and hopefully emulate.

Spending the summers of 1958 through 1960 on a large ranch south of Cascade, Montana as a teenager, I learned a lot about ranching—and life. Teams of horses were used for much of the work, and buckboard wagons were used daily. Technology-wise, This ranch was thirty years behind the times, but it made a profit for the absentee owner, and it was a wonderful way of life.

Jack arrived in Alaska in 1967 and has been actively engaged in guiding and personal hunting and fishing every year. He holds Alaska Master Guide License #54, a Commercial Pilot license, a 100-ton Marines license, and has operated his Artic Rivers Guide & Booking Service from his 80-acre deeded property since 1972. He is licensed to guide throughout Alaska in Game Management Units 6 through 26. A Wannabe Cowboy is his ninth book.

Watch out for the release of these new books!

Author Masterminds Audio Realm

Alaskan Ghosts

AUG 15
Where is Baby Shannon?

AUG 19
The Investor Murders

Murder on the Kenai Peninsula

AUG 16
Who Murdered Sophie Sergie

AUG 30
Christian Klengenberg—Explorer, Trader, Whaler—Murderer?

Book Club Benefits

Calling all members of the Readers and Writers Book Club! Do you have a captivating story to share or a gift for poetry that ignites hearts? We’re excited to invite all talented members to showcase their literary prowess! Whether it’s a heartwarming tale, or a thought-provoking poem, we want to hear your voice! Share your world with us and fellow members through your beautiful literary piece! This is your chance to inspire and be inspired by the magic of words. Let your creativity soar, and let your story resonate with hearts far and wide. We eagerly await your literacy gems! Share your works with us by emailing your piece to and be selected to be featured to next month’s newsletter!

Short Stories by Author Masterminds

Heinz Noonan, the “Bearded Holmes,” faces another peculiar case this time involving three resourceful Marines, a stash of unsalable military goods, and a touch of forbidden romance. As he digs deeper, he unearths a labyrinth of deception and creativity that leads him down an unexpected path of intrigue, turning trash into treasure for the most unconventional cause. Brace yourself for a thrilling Journey through the uncharted territories of military bureaucracy and the cunning minds of those seeking to change the fate of discarded goods forever.

The Last Word

Did you know National Book Lovers Day is August 9th? You probably did not even know it had its own day, I did not. Of course, I know book lovers are called bookworms, but what is a bibliophile? What is the difference?

I was surprised to learn that ‘bookworm’

was originally an insult towards people who were thought to read and study too much, their mind inhabited books just like some types of bugs (worms) do.  The term first appeared in the Early Modern period, eventually becoming the favorable idiom of today, defining a bookworm as someone who is exceptionally devoted to reading and study, they get lost in the content and story.

As for ‘bibliophile,’ I thought it is related to the Bible; the answer is yes and no.  The word ‘bibliophile’ originated from the Greek words ‘biblio’ which means ‘book’ and ‘philos’ which means ‘friend.’ As a friend of books, they love the book for all its properties in addition to the content; the way it looks, feels, smells.  It is interesting that the definition includes the smell of books.  I have a Bible my grandmother gave me as a child. Fifty plus years later it still has a distinct smell that I love, and cannot tell you why, possibly the leather cover? 

As mentioned before, the Greek word ‘biblio’ means ‘book,’ and that is where the word ‘Bible’ comes from.  Intriguingly, in the Quran Muslims describe Jews and Christians as the ‘People of the Book’ (in Arabic Ahl Al-Kitab). They believed the Torah (from Moses) and the Gospel (from Jesus) were earlier divine revelations from God.  All three are monotheistic faiths, Jews and Christians descendants of Abraham and Sarah his wife, whereas the Muslims descended from Abraham and Hagar, his servant girl.  According to the Quran, Islam tolerated the Jews and Christians, believing they strayed from God by not accepting Muhammad as the final prophet.  Jews do not believe the Messiah (final prophet) has come yet, while Christians believe Jesus Christ is The Messiah, the only true Son of God.

Whether you are a bookworm, bibliophile, Bible believer, consider celebrating National Book Lovers Day on August 9th by reading something.  We would love to hear what book you chose, a beloved classic, a new find, a choice from the TBR (to be read) pile, or catch up on reading your Bible.  Please go to our Facebook page and let us know!  Go to our Readers and Writers Book Club website, for free content, become a member for discounts.  Enjoy reading!

The Last Word Written by Rebecca Wetzler

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